Rhinoplasty and Breathing Problems

Posted on March 11, 2019

The part which consists of bone and gristle in the inner part of the nose called as ‘Septum’; which serves to separate the right and left nostrils, comprises of polyp called ‘Concha’ that provides with stream, purity and being sticky of the air. Some curvatures of these parts and extensions of this polyp cause breathing problems with nasal obstructions. At the same time, it causes several problems such as snoring, sinusitis infections and olfactory problems. Parts mentioned before provides integrity with other structures enabling us breathe in the nose. In other words, curvatures off the nose, problems in cartilage and bone lead to breathing problems and allow for correction on the same surgery as well. There is no need to have operation separately.
Among most of the patients, applying for having rhinoplasty, there also exist breathing problems due to the curvatures and extensions of nasal polyp. Generally, after an extensive examination these problems are detected and then provided with information to the patients regarding this issue. If the application is for the breathing problem due to some parts of nose and one is needed to have concha or septoplatsi operation due to this reason, deformities of outside structure of nose can be corrected with this operation as well.

Are Breathing Problems Also Solved in Rhinoplasty?

It is a frequent case that when the patients apply for having rhinoplasty, breathing problems also come into view. The doctors are going to perform an operation which solves both of the problems at the same time. Thus, without having two separate operations and in a short time, problems can be solved in terms of appearance as well as breathing. A detailed examination should be performed necessarily and the nasal parts should be examined both internally and externally. The doctor is going to provide with a proper solution according to the breathing difficulty of patient and also present a proper treatment to the patient. The consciousness of patients and conveying their problems correctly will enable correct and faster results regarding the matter. Furthermore, by performing necessary treatment, the patients are going to get both the healthy breathing and nose which they have aimed at.

Asst. Prof. Oğuzhan Oğuz

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