Pilonidal Sinus, Dermois Cyst

Posted on March 11, 2019

Pilonidal Sinus is that bristles generate festering sore, pus, apse by penetrating under the skin in the tail end. This disease, which is seen commonly among young men, is triggered in people who work with long duration of sitting position, obese and in case of less care of those parts of body. We seldom face pilonidal sinus among our young woman patients as well. It is seen frequently in some regions of body such as tail end; arm pit, inguinal region and beard region.


A great majority of our patients applies with the complaints such as intumescences, rash, pain in tail end; wetness in underwear, smelly flux and also itching are frequent complaints as well.
If the pilonidal sinus is not treated, it progresses and causes tunnels like molehills which is
non-healing and also make always itching in the skin of tail end. Recurrent apses, smelly fluxes may even cause for patients to estrange from social life. For this reason, the individuals who have a suspicion of pilonidal sinus should not hesitate to see a doctor because of being shy about it with the reason that the disease occurred in the private parts.


We drain the pilonidal apse by applying local anesthesia in the patients who visit urgent with the apse related pilonidal sinus. Following the removal of the apse, the diseased part of the tail end should be drained by surgical methods. Due to the recurrent and chronic nature of the disease, it is a basis to treat the parts which are infected and filled nests, extending to healthy tissue, by using various surgical methods. We usually discharge our patients the next day after the surgery. We invite our patients who return to social life in a few days to medical dressing and control. Our recommendations for the patients who are more hairy relatively are keeping the tail end hygienic, cleaning of that part with depilatories and laser hair removal.
Over 95% complete success can be achieved with appropriate treatment and care.

Op. Dr. Zafer Gökhan Şermet
General Surgery

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