Anyone applying to a health institution has the following rights;

  1. Availing of Service

Righteously availing of protective and curative health services that are required to maintain a healthy life,

  1. Demand Information

Receiving information about the health institution, existing health services and how to avail of them, seeing and acquiring documents related to one’s self and his/her condition,

  1. Consent

Accepting, refusing or asking for suspension of the suggested treatment method after being sufficiently informed,

  1. Elect and Change

Being able to decide on which diagnosis and treatment is to be used, as well as doctor and hospital selection,

  1. Privacy

The right to ask for the protection of privacy in terms of one’s health condition, diagnosis and treatment as well as private visits,

  1. Availing of Innovations in Medicine

Availing of innovations in diagnosis and treatment, forbearing pain and distress, as much as possible, during all stages of the illness,

  1. Respecting Time

Being offered a reasonable duration to receive service and meeting basic needs during this duration, or to be transferred to another institution to receive service if it cannot be provided in the first institution,

  1. Being Respected

Receiving health services in a pleasant, kind, gracious approach within a hygienic and modern environment,

  1. Practising Religious Duties

Practising religious duties as much as the means of the institution allows, within the measures taken by the administration,

  1. Visits and Accompany

Accepting visitors and asking for accompanists by observing the methods and procedures defined by institutions and organizations,

  1. Security and Quality Standards

Receiving quality and secure health services, protection against risks and medical errors in health services,

  1. Complaint and Compensation

Complaining in case of violation of rights whilst receiving health services or to be compensated against physical and psychological damages.

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