Staff Physician Mahmut Şamil Özgümüş

Born in Trabzon in 1962. Graduated from GATA Military Hospital Faculty of Medicine in 1987. Qualified as an Internal Medicine Specialist from Ankara GATA in 1996-2000. Graduated from Anadolu University Hospital Management Department in 2002. Completed his doctorate program without-thesis in the field of Hospital Management in Beykent University in 2006.
In 2000 he was appointed to Gümüşsuyu Military Hospital and voluntarily retired from there in 2008 as a senior colonel.
He served in Private Tarabya Medical Centre, Bayrampaşa Private Hospital and Private Merve Medical Centre.
He is a member of Istanbul Medical Chamber and Internal Diseases Specialty Association. Started serving in Baypark Hospital as of 2017.

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