Nutrition and Diet

Our hospital is providing patient-specific, scientific, reliable nutrition and diet services to patients in rehabilitation stage.

Weight management programs are provided through nutrition plans that are specific to diagnosis and treatment of nutrition treatment, baby, child, adult, elderly and pregnant-nursing nutrition, allergy-food intolerance, eating disorders and obesity.

The daily energy and nutrition element of each individual is different. Our Nutrition and Diet Specialist is preparing personal nutrition programs by taking many factors into consideration, such as age, gender, body weight, illness condition, blood results, social surroundings and nutritional habits.

Diabetes and Nutrition

Personal nutrition treatment is provided to prevent diabetes-related complications, to maintain successful treatment and to increase quality of life.

  • Oncology and Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Nutrition
  • Menopause and Nutrition
  • Digestive System and Nutrition
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Nutrition
  • Nutrition After Obesity Operation
  • Athlete Nutrition
  • Weight Gain Program
  • Pregnant-Breastfeeding Nutrition
  • Weight Loss-Weight Management
  • Baby-Child-Adult Nutrition
  • Allergy – Nutrition Intolerance and Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Eating Disorders

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