New-Born Intensive Care

For a healthy start in life, the most important step is to have a delivery under the supervision of specialist personnel under hygienic conditions.

I. II. and III. Level New-Born Intensive Care Unit

Serving in all health disciplines, we have a maternity ward with specialist staff on a 24 hour basis, providing I. II. and III. Level care in our New-Born Intensive Care Unit.

Our new-born intensive care unit is providing intensive care assistance to high risk babies, born after the 25th pregnancy week.

Specialist Doctor and Personnel

Every delivery in our hospital is accompanied by a paediatric and a nurse, each with a NRP certificate.

Bed with an open-heater, aspirator, oxygen source and balloon, mask and other materials required for resuscitation are ready for use.

“Baby Friendly” Hospital

In our ‘’baby friendly” hospital, the mature is to start the nutrition of new-born babies, prematurely born babies and ill-born babies with breastfeeding.

Further to its extensive team of consultants, our New-Born Intensive Care Unit is supported by; paediatric surgery, paediatric cardiology, paediatric neurology, brain surgery, urology, orthopaedics and radiology services.

Staff Physician Demet Divrikli

New-Born Intensive Care - Pediatrics

Baypark Hospital

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