1. Patient visits are made between AM 10.00 and PM 10.00 every day in our hospital.
  2. For the health of our patients, we recommend that there are no more than two guests at the same time in the room and the visit time should be limited to 10 minutes.
  3. Please do not bring children under the age of 7 as visitors.
  4. After PM 10.00 hours, the visitor in the room is considered as a companion.
  5. Our patients can only be accompanied by 1 person after PM 10.00.
  6. Patient visit is risky in cases where communicable diseases such as flu or cold are present.
  7. If visitors and/or accompanists are prohibited by our physicians, please observe this rule.
  8. Observe the instructions of health personnel when visiting patients under isolation.
  9. Respect the privacy of patients and their relatives during visits.
  10. Wash your hands before and after your visit.
  11. Use the hand disinfectants found in the rooms.
  12. Try not to reflect your emotions by crying, screaming etc. around your patient as it may harm the patient.
  13. No food is allowed from outside.
  14. Flowers with soil are disapproved due to risk of carrying infection.
  15. Do not intervene to treatment materials of the patients.
  16. Do not use cell phones where medical equipment are used.
  17. We particularly request non-use of kettle etc. in patient rooms as they may cause technical problems.
  18. Do not make noise.
  19. Visitors are strictly prohibited from smoking inside the hospital premises.
  20. In specific units (such as intensive care, new-born, paediatric, infection) there are no predetermined days and hours for visits, but visits can rather be paid upon permission from the relevant physician.
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