Cervical Cancer

Posted on March 11, 2019

Cervical Cancer ranks the third place among the cancer types which have been seen worldwide coming after breast and bowel cancer among the women’s cancers. Cervical cancer is a gynecological cancer type coming into being at the part of the uterus which connects with the vagina. It is enormously important in cervical cancer that normal […]

Pilonidal Sinus, Dermois Cyst

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Pilonidal Sinus is that bristles generate festering sore, pus, apse by penetrating under the skin in the tail end. This disease, which is seen commonly among young men, is triggered in people who work with long duration of sitting position, obese and in case of less care of those parts of body. We seldom face […]

Rhinoplasty and Breathing Problems

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The part which consists of bone and gristle in the inner part of the nose called as ‘Septum’; which serves to separate the right and left nostrils, comprises of polyp called ‘Concha’ that provides with stream, purity and being sticky of the air. Some curvatures of these parts and extensions of this polyp cause breathing […]

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